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Whether you need ceiling repair, flat roof re-roofing, or materials especially made for a very steep roof, Rooster Roofing is the expert in roofing repairs that you need! Rooster Roofing is a family owned and operated company with over 30 years of experience.  An immigrant father and three strong sons started a small roofing business in 1978 with the belief that hard work and perseverance combined with quality service are the keys to success in America.  32 years later, we can testify that this is true.

To ensure quality service for every project, the owner of Rooster Roofing will come and give a free estimate on location.  He will also oversee the project with his team of responsible and experienced workers to ensure quality work and prompt service.  From the initial roof inspection and job supervision during installation to project closeout, our goal is to give you a quality roof. So when you need a roof repair—flat roof, steep roof, or otherwise—we provide all the roofing repairs that your home or commercial building needs! We are dedicated to your satisfaction, and will make sure that our roofs will protect both you and your property. So don't hesitate—contact us today for more information.
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